Reblogged: Mesi & Brad = Love


Here’s a beautiful interview with Mesi about our relationship and photos taken by our talented friend Grazina. We are lucky to have many friends who happen to be awesome photographers!

Mesi describes a bit about how we got together and some of the challenges we faced doing long distance. She has a way of talking about our life and experiences in a way that is much more insightful and meaningful than I could ever be.

What would be your advice for long distance couples?

We started figuring out stuff in a Buddhist monastery in Nepal. It was a month long retreat where we studied the teachings of the Buddha, learned meditation techniques and stayed away from the outside word and touching each other for the whole time. It has totally rocked our world, like our common path together was blessed through that process. And our brains transformed. That was 6 months before we moved together permanently in Budapest.

So my advice would be instead of going on holidays together (what we did for a while) where you most likely are going to stay in your comfort zone, wear your best dresses, eat well, drink even better and most likely never really get to know each other’s deeper aspects, I recommend something more profound where there is a space to cut through the layers of superficiality and you have the opportunity to shift the bond to a deeper level to see if it’s the idea of the other/relationship that you so want or you actually appreciate who the other is and feel that not continuing together is not even an option anymore.

Read the rest of the interview and see some (slightly cheesy) photos on Grazina’s blog here.


My blog post accepted into Lomo Magazine: Analogue Lifestyle!

Lomo Magazine

A few months ago, when I was in Hong Kong, I interviewed my grandmother to ask her about her life. Besides being a great story, there were some amazing photos from the 1940s and 50s that I thought would interest the analogue enthusiasts at Lomo. I’ve done some serious Lomo shooting in the past and to be honest, I’ve never captured better photos than on my LC-A+.

They wrote:

“In this very special feature, Brad Wong of Ubud, Indonesia, shares the story of his grandmother, who he lovingly calls his “Por Por”. To make his tale even more interesting, Brad offers an inside peak into his grandmother’s past with spectacular vintage photos taken in Canton and Borneo during the 1940s and 1950s.”

Very happy to say that the folks at Lomo Magazine decided to publish the piece on my grandma – particularly since it allowed it to reach a wider audience than just this blog!

The link to the article in Lomo Magazine: Analogue Lifestyle here.

And the original blog post here.

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