Monkeying around with Zsuzsi and Adam

Monkey selfie

Monkey selfie

When we were searching for a house, we consciously sought out a place with at least two bedrooms so that we could have guests come share the magic of Bali with us. We’re very pleased to say that we have our first overseas guests: Zsuzsi and Adam who came all the way from Hungary! Mesi met them in India a few years ago, and back then they connected immediately and we’ve kept in touch since.

They only spent a couple of days here before heading off down to Canggu for a wedding. But we still had plenty of time to catch up, share stories and explore new areas of Ubud. We even went on an excursion to check up on their friends’ pet monkey – Kiki, while the owners were away (getting married). Mesi and I have quite a strong fear of monkeys, and it’s not completely unfounded. We’ve both been ‘mugged’ by them in India and more recently in Ulawatu in Bali. We’ve been in Ubud for almost a month and we haven’t even thought about going to the Monkey Forest.

But Kiki was incredibly adorable – and very different to the monkeys we’d encountered before. He jumped around our heads and shoulders, affectionately pulled on our clothes and was generally very cute. It’s almost silly to say, but it’s amazing how human-like this monkey is – from the little gestures he makes, the sounds of communication, the look in his eyes when he’s happy and sad, the way he holds and eats a banana. Definitely a step up from a dog or a cat!

A and Z will be back later in the month after they’ve done their travels around Bali. Mesi and I were just commenting to each other last night, how it’s so great to have people come visit us and we’re looking forward to many more.

Adam, Zsuzsi and Mesi in our pagoda with newly installed lights!

Adam, Zsuzsi and Mesi in our pagoda with newly installed lights!

Kiki is a Balinese monkey

Kiki, cutest Balinese monkey


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